Animals Do The Most Amazing Things

Welcome, from one pet lover to another! Life is fulfilled with our pleasurable and I might add entertaining pets.

From the time I can remember when I needed a good listening ear; I would talk to my pet. Some might think I was a bit odd. In they’re unique way animals my tilt they’re head or with a wag of the tail that they are listening.

It has always amazed me how naturally intelligent an animal can be. Let me ask you, have you ever started packing for a trip and notice how your pet gets an unsettling look or act, they know what’s up!

When I travel, my dog is with me. I want to be sure he/her knows his/her place in the car.

I bring a traveling bed, bowl for food & water, and a favorite toy with a few healthy tidbits. I always buy healthy natural products and a good safe traveling bed. Pets need their own space and securities just like humans.

Here is a short but true story!

My last dog Joe was a big lab mix, the best friend and protector. May he RIP, lived to be almost 15 years old.

It was very early one morning; around 4:00 am. Joe kept coming into my room and knocking my head with his face, I was sleeping very soundly. I woke up, there was not way I would not of he was knocking pretty forceful, he sought for me to wake up, he was much persisted, I woke up and got up! When I did my other two dogs wanted to go outside, good old Joe was letting me know.

My dogs sleep on the other side of the house in an indoor pouch attach to house with a sliding glass door. Each dog having a sturdy bolsters bed, knowing where their sleep space is for warmth and comfort.

The sliding door to the pouch, I always kept slightly open to the house. I am a firm believer, never lock dogs in a place at night where they can not escape or come to their owner for some unknown reason. I have always relied on my pets for night protection while sleeping. Animals hear what humans do not and sense danger when we don’t have a clue what is coming.

OK, remembering, I had let the other two dogs outside and told Joe to go back to bed.

Within 3 minutes Joe was back knocking me again, even more persisted! I sat up and notice through my front door window a weird flickering light which appeared to be getting brighter and brighter. I live out in a rural area, no street lights, and no cars driving down our private lane. I jumped up and ran to my front door window. OMG those were not lights, the pouch was on fire! The dogs were saved, and thank goodness the fire did not flash over and burn the house down. My Joe dog saved our lives, the house and our two cats which had already hidden somewhere in the house, not to be found, but were saved.

Pets are the best! They are our friend, protectors and complete our lives as we are their friend and protector. We always want to take good care of them!

Training our pets to understand our commands for their safely, teaching them to be our partner in life; as we are to them. I always supply them with their right needs, good nutriment, safe toys, and comfort while they slept. The most important things I do, I give them the best love, training for understanding, and listening to them.

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