Kissing Paper Notes Goodbye, the Era of Bitcoin Beginning?

We’ve entered a new Era, friends. The Era of Bitcoin. For as long as we’ve had written record, humans have used physical currencies. Whether it was coins, bills, or cards, people have always had some kind of physical money. For most of that recorded history, that physical currency was controlled byother people. While this wasn’t such a big deal when banks first began opening, things shifted. As banks became larger and larger, their interest shifted from their patrons wellbeing to their own inflated sense of entitlement. That’s not to say that all banks are bad, but it shifted the landscape of how people buy and sell.< clear. It isn’t going anywhere. People love the freedom of being able to securely manage their finances without the need of big banks or companies. It’s the dawning of a new age of money, and it’s somewhat uncharted terriroty. In the past ten years, bitcoin has started something that’s truly unqiue and forward-thinking. Propelled by the people who believed in it most from the start, there’s no telling where the Bitcoin Era will take us in terms of digital buying and selling. I’d venture out to say that the future is bright though.

My reasoning for thinking that the future of bitcoin is full of potential rests on the sheer number of people who are becoming interested in it. In the not so distant past, nobody knew what bitcoin really meant. With interest in it at a huge peak right now, even payment apps like Paypal and Cashapp are trying to get in on the Bitcoin game. It’s only a matter of time before it’s an average and commonly accepted form of payment everywhere you can go. There are already bitcoin ATM’s popping up throughout the world, and right now it seems like the bitcoin future is almost limitless.