I Got New Floors Because of Burst Pipes

If someone would have told me even a month ago that I would be researching vinyl flooring in Singapore, I would have laughed. I just had no reason to think about getting new floors in my house because what I had was fine. Fast forward to last week though, and it makes perfect sense. I was away for a couple of days and when I returned home, my house was slightly flooded. I lost some furniture, but the flooring was the biggest loss. The floors had buckled because the water was not cleaned up quickly when the pipes burst, and I knew I needed to have new flooring.

The insurance company was very understanding, and my claim went through much quicker than I had expected. So, after the paperwork was done, I needed to decide which floor I was going to get. I knew I did not want carpeting, so I started looking at the alternatives. Tile looked nice, and hardwood flooring looked really elegant, but I was really blown away by the vinyl flooring that I saw. Not only did the designs and patterns look really nice, but it was also one of the more inexpensive options.

I had my insurance check on the way, so I was not too worried about cost. However, when the cheaper option looks just as good if not better than the other flooring alternatives, it just makes good sense to go with the vinyl flooring. I was able to pick out the design that I wanted, and the company I contracted to install it throughout the first floor rooms was timely and very professional. It did not take them long to have the vinyl laid down in all four rooms, even though just two needed it. I figured with how inexpensive it is, I wanted to have it throughout the entire first floor!