3 Reasons to Give Dogs CBD Pet Treats

The medical community has long been aware of the medical and psychological benefits of marijuana, which is one reason that cannabis is now legal in several states. Until recently, marijuana and its derivatives were only available for human consumption. But that has changed. It is still not possible to get a prescription for pet marijuana, but there are many easy-to-buy products that include a cannabis derivative called CBD (cannabidiol) oil. CBD Pet Treats have become especially popular because they can reduce anxiety and help treat some medical conditions. They also help relieve pain and seizures.

CBD Oil Minimizes Anxiety

The CBD oil used in dog treats provides the same calming effect on pets that marijuana offers humans. Although the oil is a primary derivative of the cannabis plant, it does not give pets a “buzz”. That is because the THC that gives medical and recreational marijuana its psychoactive properties is not present in CBD oil. However, treats that contain the oil still create the same sense of calm. Holistic vets often recommend CBD oil for dogs with depression, separation anxiety, and noise phobias.

CBD Oil Can Help Medical Conditions

Giving dogs CBD treats can also improve their health. CBD oil has been successfully used to manage seizure disorders in pets. Holistic vets may suggest cannabis-related pet products to help reduce the growth of cancer cells. Studies show that CBD helps dogs’ immune systems fight the disease and also kill cancer cells. Pet treats that include CBD can boost the effectiveness of standard cancer treatments. There is also evidence that cannabis products help control bowel diseases.

CBD Oil Relieves Pain

Pet treats that include cannabis oil act as pain relievers. CBD oil is sometimes prescribed to minimize post-operative and arthritis pain in dogs and cats. It is an anti-inflammatory that interacts with brain receptors and the central nervous system. When inflammation is reduced, pain is minimized and pets are more comfortable. That is why some holistic vets suggest CBD oil to minimize discomfort associated with illness and disease.

Pet treats made with CBD oil include a non-psychoactive cannabis derivative that can help reduce anxiety and help depressed dogs. The CBD oil in treats helps maximize medical treatments for pets with cancer. The treats also help reduce discomfort caused by disease, injuries, and post-operative pain.