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How Counselling Works for You as the Man

Becoming the alpha ,that right there is the goal. Getting things done and doing them excellently. Congratulatory messages and comments flying around for your excellent results from all parties concerned for outdoing yourself at work or that venture you had been taking on. Your wife and children sending you those happy vibes. It becoming clear to all around you that you are the man of means and they’d better acknowledge or not at all but that’s more like it. All of these can seem like a far fetched dream when the opposite is actually your reality. You can actually get there but you need help, say hello to none other than your new partner counselling.
Remember when you were told it is not okay for you to cry or you have to be strong and keep your problems to yourself because that’s what men do, what they didn’t also tell you is that it would come to bite you right in the back. To get you of this mess , someone thought it wise to create an environment where doing both did not result in you losing your manhood status. To get everything back on track as the captain of this ship, your head needs to be straight and counselling puts a reset button to allow you to focus on what’s truly important, the big letter Y for you.
Once the junk is out your brain goes on to focus on what needs your immediate attention. They say a journey of a thousand miles start with a single step , the single step they are talking about here is you being in a great state of mind and then you can now start calling into being whatever else you want . It would be fantastic if nothing like worry existed. Counseling is very much a fixer as it shows you how to bend with worry so that you don’t break and find a way around it if you can’t get rid of it. Want something to shoot at, start with stress and anxiety.

Communication is much less what you say and everything to do with how you say it. Counselling helps you with your way of passing information such that whoever get’s it, receives it clearly but without feeling attacked. Now you’ll be just about getting there. The next stop with counselling is them issuing you with material to work with one foot in front of the other. With shifts starting to happen in your life and everything wanting to know how they happened the answer of the tongue now belongs to you. While counselling is not a one stop shop for all your problems it deals with those that bite hard.

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